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 Dear PaTNA Members,

     and Prospective Members,

Since we initially came together as a group our main focus has been to fight legislative bills that have been in both the house and senate. A huge part of our focus needs to be on addressing these bills and participate in the legislative process to make sure the integrity of our profession stays in tact and protects the rights of Doctors of Traditional Naturopathy now and in years to come to practice. 

Currently a Bill passed that could change the way we currently practice  as well as change our title, that we have maintained for well over the past 150 years.

It is clear this needs to be a priority. Yet, there are other functions of a professional association which are also important. We want a professional organization which we can refer to others, and network with other colleagues to share resources, ideas and challenges.  Important concerns are accountability, professionalism and having an association to address these concerns. We believe it important to have some type of continuing education and certifying board, but one that does not discriminate against our profession or any other. I look forward to hearing your concerns.

Our new board consists of several very talented, knoweldgable, and compassionate Doctors of Traditional Naturopathy who are currently in practice here in Pennsylvania. 

We very strongly need another board member and vacant commitee  members  and are currently seeking to fill these positions. Please consider joining us. We need your help and support and look forward to getting to know you all. We have well over 450 or more Doctors of Traditional Naturopathy in Pennsylvania and we can share a wealth of resources to our clients and one another.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns you may have. Wishing you all good health.


Pa Traditional Naturopaths Association

Board of Directors

PaTNA Vision Statement


To secure our position as practicing Doctor's of Traditional Naturopathy in this  state, as well as this nation, by the preservation, education and the promotion, of the Holistic Art of Healing Therapies practiced by Doctor's of Traditional Naturopathy, and to keep the opportunities for them to practice this art, free and clear of any governmental control or restraints, and for the betterment, and for the right of freedom to choose one's own healthcare needs, for the citizens of the state of Pennsylvania, and to secure the future for the next generation of Doctor's of Traditional Naturopathy, to continue to provide this service to the citizens of the Great State of Pennsylvania.

2019 Board of Directors



Barbara Myers, ND

Vice President-
Betty Magill, ND

Gay Hilton, ND 


  John Herr, ND


Marty Edwards, ND

(Board of Directors Effective 2/17/2019) 



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