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Traditional Naturopathy

 Traditional Naturopathy has been around in our country since the 1800s, as a drugless system of healthcare and medicine, utilizing various healing arts to balance the body. A man named Benedict Lust is more or less historically credited as a “founding father” of the system of naturopathy.  


Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy


There are many hundreds of Traditional Naturopaths in all 50 states working successfully to help clients with health and wellness goals. To achieve this, they assess for health information in many different non-intrusive ways, and then put this data to work to draw upon a wide range of health building modalities. Their Scope of Practice includes many versions of the following areas:

Herbal Medicine
Movement Therapeutics
Energy Medicine
Education and Counsel
Rest and Sleep Dynamics


The philosophy of a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy is based on seven basic principles


A Traditional Naturopath — an ND —  is dedicated to utilizing nature's healing powers in a healthcare system to help others. The practice is distinguished by six well-established principles that underlie and determine education and practice protocols:

  1. Do No Harm
  2. Treat the Whole Person — Holistic Healing
  3. Identify and Treat the Causes: Foundational Healing
  4. Utilize The Healing Power of Nature
  5. The Doctor as Teacher and Facilitator
  6. Promoting Wellness through Supportive Counsel